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question, create and explore : it all starts in Preschool!

The Preschool years at LFSF

At LFSF, Preschool can start as early as age 2! The 3 to 4 year cycle-referred to as  "Maternelle", in French -, plays a key role in the development of children and their successful transition into thriving students. It builds the foundations children will later use during their entire schooling. It inspires them to question, create and explore while allowing them to develop their individual personality. It builds the confidence they need to trust their own power to act and think responsibly. Finally it develops their ability to learn and succeed at school and in life. It all begins here!


The class represents a learning community that lays the foundations for building social skills. Diversity and inclusion are a focus of the LFSF Preschool program. Understanding and respecting differences is key and adults ensure that all children are treated equitably under all circumstances.

Group activities are important in the construction of cognitive tools: recognizing, comparing, categorizing, contrasting, constructing images, linking events, using words referring to space, time, and so on. Activities focused on collective problem-solving or decision-making are also useful as they involve argumentation, explanation, questions, interest in what others believe, think and know. 

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La Petite Ecole (LPE) is a full immersion program available every morning of the week on our Sausalito campus, for children 2 and older. It is the gateway to the Early Learning program. It focuses on socialization and introducing these very young children to school while giving them an early start on bilingualism. 

La Petite Ecole

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Your preschooler could teach you!
From age 2 in La Petite Ecole, to Kindergarten, children initiate their bilingual journey. Learn more about the building of bilingualism, the approach we have at LFSF and how the French and US programs and teams actively work strategically together.          

Bilingual Journey in Preschool


The progressive acquisition of the French and the English languages, as well as development of social and motor skills and cognitive abilities are the focus of these important years. The day is divided between learning, playing and resting as all are important and complementary parts of children development. 

Preschool Curriculum

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LFSF, an unexpected yet perfect fit 

For an English speaking couple relocating from Cincinnati, Ohio, LFSF wasn't an obvious fit. After a few years at the Sausalito campus, they are happy to share their positive experience. Today, both Ryan and Emily are involved in the school as room parent and board trustee.


"We chose a French school for our daughter – and we’re not French!"

When Jennielyn and Jaime were looking for a preschool for their daughter, they were drawn to the LFSF bilingual education and curriculum. Today Gigi is in Gr1 and her academic and social development have been remarkable.         



Eric, Jason, and their children Stella and Xavier, joined LFSF five years ago. Today, academically and socially, they're still feeling lucky. And they are committed to doing their part to make sure people know that LFSF is a school where all families are welcome!  


What do you like best about LFSF?.. The approach to teaching, the community and the commitment to provide a great experience for students and families. 

LFSF parent
"I live in the city. I go to school in Sausalito!"

A growing number of San Francisco based families make the choice to first enroll in la Petite Ecole, only available in Sausalito. After a year enjoying our sunny and kid-friendly location, most decided to stay. Karen, whose son Tom is now in preschool, explains her family’s choice. 

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LFSF @ Sausalito : bilingual education with a Marin flair

This year, our dynamic admissions team has been meeting with a growing number of families moving to Marin in search of a different lifestyle. The attraction of our open campus, safely tucked away, all on one level, filled with light, offering lots of green and open spaces, increasingly seduces families who, for some, make the choice of this campus, even when residing in the city!

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