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English in Preschool

In Preschool, our youngest students are in their first year of scolarisation, or the process of becoming students. As educators, we focus primarily on helping our students gradually adapt to life in a classroom by supporting the development of social and emotional skills needed to interact confidently with trusted adults and other children. Social language is a key component, and the curriculum is designed to foster comfort with English as a means to connect to others, express feelings, needs, and to join group experiences. Introductory math and reading concepts are introduced through songs, games and stories, instilling a joy of learning. Above all, students develop the ability to listen to others, join in routines, interact positively with peers, and develop their natural curiosity.

English Preschool classes at LFSF include:

  • Bilingual story sharing
  • English stories and rhymes
  • Shared French and English classroom routines to structure thinking and the school experience
  • Sensory, Gross and Fine Motor Activities through play
  • Modeling and practicing asking, telling, sharing, helping, comforting and disagreeing