Open Learning

What is OPen Learning

Open Learning refers to all the activities that enhance and broaden learning opportunities beyond formal education by opening the classroom to the world and applying theorical skills to real life. The program is built around innovative and collaborative initiatives between the school and local institutions and their stakeholders.


Local or international competitions are unique opportunities to apply skills and learnings. Robotic competitions like the First Lego league challenge allows our students to test their knowledge, leadership and skills bringing in the experience to get involved further in Design Thinking events and invite students to tackle science, humanitarian or environmental world challenges. The Start’up Lycée is a two day event during which students are invited to become young entrepreneurs and build a start-up in just 48 hours! Coached and mentored by professionals, the teams create an app, develop content, feasibility, financing, and finally pitch the project to a jury comprised of Silicon Valley entrepreneurs. Our academic teams are working at creating partnerships with firms or programs to give students real opportunities to work with professionals through internships (EKSO Bionics), use their products to deepen their learning (Parrot Drones), or invest their brainpower into solving the world’s acute humanitarian problems (Youth Summit Stanford).

Open Learning in Action

START'UP LYCEE in the heart of the Silicon Valley

The Startup Lycée program was initiated in 2016. All Gr10 students participate in this important event at the Hult International Business School. For the 2019 edition, students worked on innovative  and sustainable solution for the city of the future and the city of today.

Master Class : Theater

As professional artists come and visit the school, our students benefit from their insights and experience. The TLF, the best stage for French Theater in the Bay Area, is a unique opportunity for high school students to exchange with renowned and awarded artists.

Artists in Residence

For the past few years, thanks to LFSF parents' generous contributions to the Annual Fund, our students have enjoyed the visits of famous artists in residence coming from France.

"Welcoming an artist in residence at first, it’s creating a relation. It’s a great way for all of us here to actually put a face on a book or a series of children’s books. We get to know more about the person who brings this story to us : we can exchange and ask questions. And, of course, we get more attached to the story and the author in the process.

But above all, it’s a fantastic learning experience for the children. They learn real illustrating techniques, they understand how to imagine and write a story, design and bring to life characters, and also how to build the book - I mean, the object itself. And who knows? These visits could be a revelation for some of them, because it is an entire profession that they start to understand. Children realize that writing can be an actual job!" – Nadine LEMAITRE, Librarian

More examples of Open Learning in Action