Preschool curriculum

Question. Create. Explore.


The Early Learning program inspires children to think and reflect. By suggesting level appropriate problems, asking open-ended questions that require looking for answers and solutions, children are engaged. They recognize overlapping situations, they call on their knowledge, they make the inventory of what is possible, they make choices, they venture.


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Our bilingual, academic curriculum blends the best practices of the U.S education system with the high standards of the French national curriculum, the Cycle System of learning.

Cycle 1 (Maternelle) of the Cycle System guides a child's learning in Preschool.

  • U.S. Grades: Pre-K (Age 3), Pre-K (Age 4), Kindergarten
  • French Equivalent: Petite Section, Moyenne Section, Grande Section
  • French Immersion: 80%


Children are naturally interested in the languages they hear. They make spontaneous attempts to reproduce sounds, forms and structures in order to communicate with their surroundings. The teacher will encourage students to speak, by carefully articulating, repeating, proposing a reformulation, at times translating, and constantly correcting to improve vocabulary and sentence structures. S/he will invite students to move progressively beyond the spontaneous spoken word to slowly participate in more organized group conversations. They learn to express an opinion or formulate a question effectively communicating with others in the language of the class. 

The Preschool program at LFSFS also familiarizes children with writing and the written language. The teacher will read stories that are increasingly long and complex. Children start to discover the function of writing as a way to share or recall information that triggers one's imagination. They also grasp the relationship between the letters they learn to identify and the sounds they represent, in both languages. From learning to hold and guide a pen to controlling lines and drawing shapes then letters, graphic exercises practice fine motor skills that will naturally lead to practicing cursive writing.

English in Preschool at LFSF

The curriculum is designed to foster comfort with English as a means to connect to others, express feelings, needs, and to join group experiences. Introductory math and reading concepts are introduced through songs, games and stories, instilling a joy of learning. Above all, students develop the ability to listen to others, join in routines, interact positively with peers, and develop their natural curiosity.

Through the years, students solidify their language skills and continue to construct the phonological awareness that will prepare them for reading in Gr1. Teachers continuously monitor and support their social and emotional development, while gradually increasing the complexity of activities and concentration time. Language instruction is focused on building listening comprehension skills and fostering more sophisticated oral expression. Basic math, emergent writing and beginning reading concepts are introduced through songs, games, activities and stories. Students are active participants in group learning activities and discussions who can confidently approach new challenges and complete academic tasks independently.



The practice of physical and artistic activities contributes to the motor, sensory, emotional, intellectual and relational development of children . These activities mobilize, stimulate, enrich the imagination and are the opportunity to experience emotions and new sensations. They allow children to explore their physical abilities, expand and refine their motor skills, improve their balance and experience the pleasure of movement and effort to better know and respect their body.

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