LFSF Camps

More Detailed Information to be released in early December 2019!

Registrations will open in late February 2020!

AES LFSF- Camp Normandy (Bilingual camp) 2020

Start June 22nd – July 2nd  LFSF 2 week camp @ Sausalito

AES LFSF- Game On Sports Camp 2020

Start July 6th – July 17th 2 week camp @ Sausalito K-6th

AES LFSF CAMP Atlantique! (Bilingual camp) 2020

Start July 20th   – August 14th LFSF 4week camp @ Sausalito PreK @ Ashbury

SOCCER CAMP- Director Super Soccer Stars

Start July 6th-August 21st   SSS 7 week camp @ Ashbury Basketball Court

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February Camps 2020 - Theme: Construction

In this camp, we will have our campers explore and delve into the following industries and concepts: engineering; building; architecture; programming and more.  This will be a hands on camp packed full of challenging, fun and exciting activities.  There will also be a mystery field trip!

Location: Ashbury Campus

PreK-6th Grade

Snow Camp 2020 - Tahoe

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