LFSF Camps

October Camp

Fall Camp 2019 Oceania!

In this camp, we will learn, explore and discover the wonderful and vast region of Oceania!  From Tahiti, Indonesia, French Polynesia, New Zealand, and Australia, our campers will delve into the cultures, traditions, and customs that make this region of the world such an exciting place to visit!

PreK-6th Grades

Ashbury Campus

Registrations will open Monday, September 23rd @ 12 pm

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February Camps 2020 - Theme: Construction

In this camp, we will have our campers explore and delve into the following industries and concepts: engineering; building; architecture; programming and more.  This will be a hands on camp packed full of challenging, fun and exciting activities.  There will also be a mystery field trip!

Location: Ashbury Campus

PreK-6th Grade

Snow Camp 2020 - Tahoe

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