Global Learning

Why a Global Learning Program?

Global Learning is a program of educational travels that from Primary school to LFSF High, allows students to enjoy the incredible power of bilingual education outside the classroom as teachers translate classroom learning into a rich variety of travel experiences. Students emerge from these programs with superior speaking skills, new-found confidence and knowledge.

Each educational trip brings learning to life, inspiring the next adventure. Each destination brings a new and different focus that aligns with the curriculum for that grade: History & Geography, Science & Technology, Languages & Culture, Sports or Service Learning.

The educational benefits are just the beginning. School travels generate memories that last forever. They are designed to foster student engagement and team building. Students who participate in educational travels often share how they had a lasting impact on their relationships with their peers and on their world views. Besides having the time of their life, students get to interact with people who have different languages, ethnicities, cultures, perspectives or religions.

Because experience is everything.

In line with the mission of our international school, a part of the LFSF Global Learning program focuses on languages. Living and learning among native speakers supercharges language learning and culture awareness through immersion.They make connections to everyday life. 

It’s language learning that’s local.

Global Learning in Primary School

Global Learning in Middle School

Global Learning at LFSF High


Benefits Students Gain From Traveling


School trips bring awareness of how other people live and what other cultures prioritize, leading students to think differently about their own lives.


Traveling and being away from home creates opportunities for students to be confronted with new experiences and challenges they will overcome together with their peers and teachers. They develop the ability to solve practical life challenges even in unfamiliar contexts. Their experiences and newly acquired knowledge will provide them with perspective and confidence making it easier to gain the respect of others. 

Better academic performance

Research has shown that travel increases gains in academic content knowledge. It is also an important investment to enhance a student’s academic performance in the future.

Perspective and Individuality

New settings and temporary distance from home are great incubators for thought. New experiences will challenge preconceived ideas and invite students to open their minds.

Travel provides experiences that will likely help develop personality, sense of purpose, values and priorities. Discovering a new place is also a chance to discover one’s self.

Growth & Independence

Through the Global Learning program, students have opportunities to see what they are capable of accomplishing by themselves. Traveling allows students to develop themselves in ways that can only be achieved by venturing outside of their comfort zone.


Educational trips are also a chance to allow students to realize what they miss most from home and school. Experiencing another place and culture is an opportunity to appreciate what they have and realize the importance of the little things that often go unnoticed.

New Friends

Travels, through the exploration of new places, and cultural immersion, can spark new friendships and relationships that never would have been acquired without traveling. It will also tighten the relations between the traveler