Mandatory school-wide testing

On Friday MAY 13, we will be providing each student, on each campus, with a set of 2 tests. All students and personnels will be required to test twice:

  • on Sunday May 15 and again
  • on Sunday May 22.

All results, positive or negative, need to be uploaded on the same platform used in the past (this link will assist you in recovering your account | for first time registration, use this link ). Families will be receiving a reminder on the Saturday before testing day reminding them on the requirement and the link to upload results.

April 2022 : Latest updates

Guidance was updated to eliminate quarantine requirement for children after exposure to COVID-19, regardless of location, type of exposure, or vaccination status.

​​​​​​​Updated masking recommendations: SFDPH now recommends that individuals wear well-fitted masks indoors based on three factors: (1) their own risk tolerance, (2) the overall level of community transmission, such as when future variants occur, and (3) whether the individual or someone they live or work with is at risk of severe disease.