2021 2022 | Protocol for Back to school


  • Students will be required to provide proof of a negative COVID test prior to the first day of school and will not be allowed to attend their first day of school without it. 

  • For your convenience, school COVID testing sessions will be made available to our community:
    • On ORT , on Tues AUG 24 for Gr 6 students 
    • On ASH and ORT , Thursday AUG 26 .
  • Whether testing at school or independently, all families will be required to upload with their test results  by end of day :
    • Thursday AUG 26 for Gr6 students and 
    • Sunday, AUG 29 for all other grades.


  • All faculty and staff will be required to comply with the State Public Health Officer Order of August 11, 2021
  • We urge all eligible students to get vaccinated unless medically exempted. We do not require vaccinations for students ages 12 and up, but we request that their vaccination status be informed by parents prior to back to school. This information will be useful in making decisions in regards to the overall health and safety of our community, and will determine the need to quarantine in the event of COVID exposure.
  • Only vaccinated parents with an appointment will be able to enter our buildings. Please be aware that impromptu visitors will not be allowed in. If you have an emergency, please communicate with the section office for admittance to campus.
  • Students and families should continue to self-monitor for symptoms of illness and refrain from coming to school if feeling unwell. For your convenience, please find the list of COVID symptoms here.


  • Masks are required indoors and outdoors for all adults and students at all times while on campus, regardless of vaccination status.
    Building ventilation will remain at high levels. All classrooms are equipped with MERV-13 air purifiers (as recommended by health authorities).
  • Outdoor activities are encouraged as much as possible unless the air quality and the AQI become unhealthy. 
  • Deep cleaning will be maintained, with special attention to meal places and highly touched surfaces.
  • Physical distancing and co-horting are not required while engaging in school activities. We are very excited that students will be able to work in groups, play at recess with other classes, and interact with many different teachers.
  • Hand washing will be strongly encouraged and sanitizing solutions will be widely available.
  • Field trips are allowed, and students will be out taking advantage of our incredible community resources.