LFSF under COVID-19

Reopening Statuses per Campus


  • La Petite Ecole (age 2 ) through Gr5 (CM2): on campus

ASHBURY (includes RICHMOND campus)

  • ASH |Preschool (PS) • Pre-K (MS) • Kindergarten (GS): on campus
  • ASH | Gr 1(CP) • Gr 2 (CE1): on campus
  • RICH | Gr 3 (CE2) • Gr 4 (CM1): on campus
  • ASH Gr 5 (CM2): on campus 


  • Gr 6 • 6ème: on campus
  • Gr 7 • 5ème: on campus 
  • Gr 8 • 4ème: on campus
  • Gr9 • 3eme: back on campus on NOV 13
  • Gr10 • 2nde : back on campus on NOV 16
  • Gr11+Gr12 • 1ere + Term : back on campus on NOV 30 


The safety of our community is front and center in our approach during this crisis. That is why we are providing opportunities on campus, for staff, parents and students to be tested regularly.

For your convenience, we are also sharing some additional, independent Covid-19 testing options.

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Contacts and Useful Resources in Case of Emergency

Ressources locales 

Ressources Françaises*

  • Consulat Général de France à San Francisco

LOCAL Resources

FRENCH Resources*

  • French Consulate 

Self care and Safety tips

Travel under COVID

Traveling : your destination matters

If you travel out of California, the California Department of Public Health (CDPH) recommends you self-quarantine for 14 days upon returning to California. People arriving in California from other states or countries should also self-quarantine for 14 days after their arrival. This recommendation does not apply to people leaving or entering California for “essential travel”.

If you travel outside the Bay Area but remain in California, the SFDPH and the Association of Bay Area Health Officials (ABAHO) strongly recommends that you self-quarantine for 14 days after your return if your activities while travelling put you at higher risk of getting COVID-19. 

Safe Holiday Travel Guide

If you are considering traveling for the Holidays, here are some important questions to ask yourself and your loved ones beforehand. These questions can help you decide what is best for you and your family.

  • Are you, someone in your household, or someone you will be visiting at increased risk for getting very sick from COVID-19?
  • Are cases high or increasing in your community or your destination? Check CDC’s COVID Data Tracker for the latest number of cases.
  • Are hospitals in your community or your destination overwhelmed with patients who have COVID-19? To find out, check state and local public health department websites.
  • Does your home or destination have requirements or restrictions for travelers? Check state and local requirements before you travel.
  • During the 14 days before your travel, have you or those you are visiting had close contact with people they don’t live with?
  • Do your plans include traveling by bus, train, or air which might make staying 6 feet apart difficult?
  • Are you traveling with people who don’t live with you?

If the answer to any of these questions is “yes,” you should consider making other plans, such as hosting a virtual gathering or delaying your travel.

If you do travel:


Resource issued from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

I can not express how amazing the leadership, staff and faculty have been during these extraordinary and challenging times. The transition to online learning has been amazingly swift, efficient and meaningful. Bravo to all the Lycee for really showing how adaptive we can be while staying dedicated to the mission of providing quality education and a supportive community! Thank you for being honest and open and keeping information flowing.

Thank you to all the teachers and the LFSF administration for the amazing job converting to on-line education!  I have spoken to parents of students at other high schools, and have not heard of any other school accomplishing this so quickly and effectively!  By moving the in-service day, our children essentially did not lose even a single day of instruction because of the pandemic.  That is phenomenal.  I also want to acknowledge how stressful this must be for the teachers to unexpectedly and rapidly convert from in-person to online teaching.  And to acknowledge how the teachers and administrators are simultaneously having to worry about their own families, including loved ones in Europe.

I just wanted to say how impressed I am with how quickly all of the faculty and staff came together to provide an organized and consistent transition to online learning.  Your adaptability is so encouraging!  I say this as someone who is finishing final exams in the university classes I teach (suddenly online) while scrambling to figure out how to teach all my spring quarter lectures and labs online with new groups of students.  It is both exhilarating and paralyzing.

We wanted to send you a note of thanks and bravo! for executing such a successful on-line learning program.  Our school continues to amaze us; times like these just verify our decision to be a part of such a wonderful community at the Lycee.  While this transition has been difficult in all general ways, we are constantly assured by your messages to the students online and via email to the parents. 

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When preparing to invite students back to school, we carefully considered relevant guidance and best practices for reopening our campus, and we identified key measures to help maintain a healthy and safe environment. However, it is only with everyone's partnership and support that our efforts can be effective.

LFSF | Mask Policy

Mask wearing has been identified as one of the most important preventive tools we have in our community to stop the spread of SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19.

Read More about LFSF | Mask Policy

School Closure policy

The decision to  cancel classes or close the offices of the entire School for any reason is the responsibility of the Head of School or, in his absence, the highest-ranking available member of the Primary Crisis Management Team.

The Head of School in consultation with the president of the Board of Trustees, will decide if entire the school, or individual campus site should be considered for closure when: 

  1. There is significant physical threat of illness, injury, or harm to students and/or employees; 
  2. The City of San Francisco and/or Sausalito advises schools or businesses to cease operations; 
  3. A physical disaster has occurred and the buildings are uninhabitable.  

The HOS, or senior-ranking Primary Crisis Management Team member will consider the above for each campus whether all functions of the School should be cancelled, or if business operations should also close.  

The decision to close the School or any campus site will be reviewed daily, unless specified otherwise and the LFSF community will be informed accordingly : school-wide email will be issued, posted on the school’s website, its portals, and sent via SchoolMessenger.