RICHMOND Campus Protocol | FAQ

The Richmond campus will temporarily welcome Gr 3 and Gr 4 students

Richmond campus will open to students on October 14

A lot has happened since last Spring when the Richmond campus organization was presented to our parent community. Since then State and County regulations have evolved and priorities have shifted. We've adapted our model to match these requirements and strong of our experience on our Marin campus. The purpose of this  page is to summarize information and anticipate questions. It may be updated in the future.

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The 22.5 K sq ft building adds 14 spacious, classrooms to our educational facilities. It will enable us to safely welcome all ASH students on campus once we are authorized to open. It is conveniently located about 10 mins away from the Ashbury campus :  8th Ave @Geary, 8th avenue parking lot between Geary and Clement streets on the school white zone 




Out of school time [OST]