LFSF Rainbow Webradio

Welcome to LFSF Rainbow, our school web radio for all our LFSF Community and beyond!

LFSF Rainbow is currently operating on our Ortega Campus and will soon be expand to our Ashbury and Sausalito Campuses. On Ortega, the web radio club is managed by Mareike DELLEY (LFSF Teacher) and Farinaz AGHARABI (LFSF Parent).

The Benefits

LFSF Rainbow is a great pedagogical tool that allows students to research and explore about various topics, as well as to learn how to prepare and run a radio show. The many benefits include: 

  • Improving oral expression in French and English
  • Strengthening research and organizational skills
  • Developing knowledge of digital tools and radio equipment 
  • Creating opportunities to bond with peers and to meet interesting speakers
  • Developing confidence and ability to speak in public 
  • Unleashing creative skills: singing, playing instruments, reading poems and stories etc… 

Help us create more podcasts!

You want to share a story or have a topic idea that may interest our Community? You are a LFSF student and are interested in participating in one or more LFSF Rainbow podcasts?

Reach out to our LFSF Rainbow team!

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Latest episodes | ASH

Une sélection de livres humoristiques! C'est dans Livre à gogo avec Louise, Yasmine, Alexander et Kylian et Nadine. (In French) Ce projet a été produit avec l'aide de Sofia A. élève de seconde dans le cadre de son stage de fin d'année (Shadow Week).

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Latest episodes | ORT

Two of our 9th grade students, Luna and Roxanne, had the opportunity to interview Mrs. Sabine de Maussion, Cultural Attaché at the French Consulate in San Francisco. A very interesting interview with great questions and great answers that help us better understand the role and responsibilities of a cultural attaché. (In French)

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Vivianne, Sasha and Naya (Gr10) and Salome (Gr11) interviewed Quentin ZUTTION, a comic book author. After studying contemporary art at the Beaux-Arts in Dijon, he entered the world of comic books he entered the world of comic books in 2014 by illustrating short stories for the women’s feminist website “Mademoiselle.com”. In February 2016, he published his first comic, “Sous le lit” (“Under the Bed”), followed by “Chromatopsie” (“Chromatopsy”) and “Appelez-moi Nathan” (“Call Me Nathan”) in 2018, “Touchées” (“Touched”) in 2019, and “Drosophilia” in 2020. In his stories, which combine fantasy with social topics, Quentin deals with feelings, sexuality, the quest for identity, and self-assertion.

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