Each of our primary campus has a library rich of many books, magazines, newspapers, and DVDs in French and English. It's a place that students visit each week during class time and that is open to LFSF parents after school on selected days.

Book fairs are held during the school year to provide easy access to parents to a curated selection of children books in French and in English. 

Twice a year, we welcome authors in residence who are professionals in children literature (story teller, illustrators,...) who come to work on special projects with students. It's a great way for children to explore books and stories differently.


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middle school + high SCHOOL 

In the library, thousands of books, magazines, newspapers and computers are available for students, teachers and staff. Students can go there freely during the breaks, at lunch and after class. They can also use this space during projects with their class.

Library's catalog

Please note that the individual authentication is not available to students.

The school offers an access to the Overdrive catalogue (books and audiobooks in English)