Student Support


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LFSF offers extensive support to students who are facing learning challenges through our Réseau d’Aides Spécialisées aux Elèves en Difficultés (RASED), our team consisting of a Speech Therapist, Learning Specialist, and School Psychologist.

The RASED meets during the first trimester of the school year about each class with teachers and directors to identify students with learning difficulties and establish necessary support.

Members of RASED attend the Conseils de cycles with the teachers and directors to discuss students’ challenges and assess existing and past interventions. The team exchanges ideas and comes up with recommendations.

Parents, teachers, RASED members and the school director can always request an "Individualized Student Plan (PAI) to understand a student's unique needs and help him/her reach educational goals within the means of the school.

Support offered by LFSF Student Support Staff :

  • Personalized help in class with a teacher
  • Modification of schoolwork, workload reduction and additional time to accomplish tasks
  • Observation, evaluation, and recommendations by Nathalie Costello, PH.D French Speech Therapist (Ashbury, Sausalito and Ortega)
  • Observation and consultation with families and teachers by Martine Aniel, Ph. D School Psychologist (Ashbury and Ortega)
  • Observation, evaluation, and recommendations by Jaleh Hooshnam, MA English Learning Specialist (Ashbury, Sausalito and Ortega)
  • Observation and consultation with families and teachers by Simone Perez, Ph.D School Psychologist (Sausalito)
  • Referral to specialists and educational centers

Café Ressources

Informal meetings are held quarterly with Martine Aniel, Ph.D at Ortega and Ashbury to discuss topics of interest for parents. Past discussions have included: Technology in our children's life, The transition to preschool, How to foster Independence in our Children, Our Children's Emotional Lives and How to speak about Sexuality with our Pre-adolescents and Adolescents. A schedule for the year's program is published at the beginning of the school year. All parents are welcome.