Student Support

Our Special Aid network is a group of professionals (speech therapists, psychologists, Special Aid teachers in French and English, etc.) who intervene with students who are experiencing difficulties in their academic journey, either learning difficulties and/or emotional challenges, that affect their academic performance and success.

The support network can intervene in the following ways:

  • Tips for Personalized Help in the Classroom
  • Advice to families
  • Implementation of accommodations and adaptations for school work
  • Implementation of PPRE (Personal Plan for Educational Success), PAP (Special Student Plan) and PPS (Individual Educational Plan)
  • Participation in Educational Team meetings
  • Observations, student evaluations
  • Ad hoc consultations and interventions with students
  • Aid coordination and monitoring of student progress  
  • Assistance with requests for exam accommodations
  • Sensitization and awareness of academic difficulty
  • Referral to external assistance


For new families whose child already has identified difficulties within the framework of a PAP or other special plan (PPS, American IEP, etc.), a conversation with the admissions team will help prepare the on-boarding and identify whether the school will be able to meet the applicant's needs.

Many students with special needs can be schooled in a regular school setting and in a bilingual school such as ours, with simple accommodations in terms of time, specific equipment or personalized aids .

Schooling in an ordinary environment is always preferred whenever possible and beneficial for the child. However, in certain cases, if our school cannot meet the specific needs of a student, our team will then help guide the family in their search for a local, public or private specialized structure.

The first point of contact for families should always be the child's teacher.

The teacher will call the Student Aid Network after discussing the concerns with the family. An action plan will then be put in place in consultation with all involved. In most cases, a set of actions will be provided to solve temporary difficulties.

In case of persistent difficulties, despite the interventions implemented, other actions can be implemented by organizing an Educational Team or proposing specialized assessments to better understand the student's learning profile.

If a learning disability is identified and diagnosed (highlighted by a recent specialized assessment clearly indicating one or more deficits), and if the family so wishes, a PAP will be set up and revised each year according to the evolution of the student's needs.