Study Hall

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Study Hall is held daily from 3:45pm to 4:30pm and is a chance for students to catch up on work and receive any needed guidance.

We offer these 45 minutes of homework assistance in French and English (five students maximum for students of grades 1-2; eight students maximum for students of grades 3-5). Assigned teachers help and advise students as they grow to become empowered, autonomous learners. If students complete their work before the end of the session, they are encouraged to read quietly until the session is dismissed.

Fees and Registration

Registration for Study Hall is per semester with pre-determined days each week. Parents may enroll their child through our Activity Enrollment System. Registration after the deadline will be accepted according to openings. Unfortunately, we cannot offer financial reimbursement after the semester has begun.

For more information, contact:

Véronique Baumbach
415 661.5232 ext. 2747
Licensing Director and Daycare Supervisor, Ashbury Campus

Eliane Storme
415 661.5232 ext. 3720
Licensing Director, Sausalito Campus