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May 18, 2021 06:00 PM Pacific Time (US and Canada)

Zoom Event | Free admission upon Registration (include link)

... Raising students to live in a bubble — a white bubble, a black bubble, a Latino bubble, whatever type of bubble you want to call it — is not to your benefit in a global society.
— Dr. Derrick Gay, New York Times

Diversity, equity, inclusion and justice are core values of the Lycée Français de San Francisco and a focus of the LFSF Board of Trustees that set out to actively make DEIJ a priority, making them the pillars of our school's culture. 

In this context, LFSF parents are invited to attend an interactive, 90 minutes long workshop with Dr. Derrick GAY.

Dr. GAY will focus on foundational themes such as intercultural competency, identity, diversity, inclusion, and equity in French and US settings and how to apply strategies to discuss these important values with children.

This workshop is brought to you by LFSF and the LFSF Parent Association.



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