Dear Families, Friends, and Supporters,

The work that we do  – as teachers, administrators, parents, and guardians – is possible because of the support of our community. For more than 50 years, the LFSF has continued to empower future generations to make meaningful contributions to our world through a multilingual and multicultural education.

It starts here and now. Here, where we nurture student curiosity, respect, empathy, and excellence. Here, where they become part of a community that will continue to serve them long after they have graduated.

Thank you – not only for believing in the LFSF’s mission but for helping move it forward. The two main ways to give to the LFSF are by making a gift to the Annual Fund and participating in the annual Gala. Special or restricted gifts in support of specific projects, educational programs, and the endowment are another important part of giving to the LFSF.

Thank you for your incredible partnership, and continued support.


Lycée Français de San Francisco is a 501 (c)(3) not-for-profit organization. TAX ID # 94-1660059

Annual Fund

Support our students through financial aid and pedagogical projects.




LFSF Yearly Fundraising Event, an evening of fun and generosity


Merchant Giving


Shop & support your community, support your school



Yearly Fundraising Event



Advancement News

ADV | Moving forward

It's time to volunteer with the Advancement Department!  Volunteer to be an Annual Fund Advocate and or join us to help with the Auction Gala. email Nathalie, MEriem or Eric will respond.


It's not too late and never too soon, let's keep these kids healthy and moving!

Donate for motricity equipment, kayak lessons, and an indoor bouldering wall.


The importance of showing your support

Why you are asked to give to LFSF

As an LFSF parent, you already are familiar with the importance of fundraising in providing the funds necessary to enhance the educational experience you've chosen for your child.

The funds raised by the school, either through the Annual Fund, the Fund for the Future, or the other giving opportunities available at LFSF, make possible the organization of educational class trips, the visits of artists in residence, the purchase of important educational tools (climbing wall, outdoor games, flexible class furniture), or the funding of educational training or actions such as some of the recent work done on DEIJ.

Reaching out to Foundations

Foundations can be a significant part of non-profit's fundraising plan as they can boost the existing individual and corporate giving programs. They are grant-making entities – i.e. organized non-profits that exists for the purpose of giving out money, in the form of grants, to other non-profits, in order to bring about positive change according to their own mandate.

LFSF reached out to Foundations with a project to organize francophone Visual Artist Residencies over several years. The LFSF would invite an artist from a francophone country from Africa, North Africa, Indian Ocean, or Pacific Island for 3 to 4 weeks, to work with students on a visual art project giving them a concrete experience in collaborating with someone from one of these cultures.

Our challenge : 100% parent participation

Foundations are closely looking at the parent participation rate to measure their engagement. Our current parent participation only reaches 55% and it is important for us to be able to increase it closer to 100%. We count on you to reach this ambitious goal.

Gifts come in all shapes and sizes, but all participations are equal: consider making a donation today! 






Thursday, Feb. 10, Friday, Feb. 11 and Monday Feb. 14th, rally parents at drop off and pick-up by handing out flyers with the QR code to donate and a piece of chocolate! 

We need to get 100% parent participation before March 14th!  

WHY? Because we are asking for a $100K grant to finance francophone Visual Artist Residencies over several years. The LFSF will invite an artist from a francophone country from Africa, North Africa, Indian Ocean, or Pacific Island for 3 to 4 weeks to work with students on a visual art project.

To hand out flyers and Chocolate SIGN UP HERE

To make your donation DONATE HERE

Meet the Advancement team

Nathalie Hautavoine

Director of Advancement

Meriem Faidi Curtil

Advancement Assistant


Eric Szarzynski

Deputy Head of School



Elysée Circle & Ambassadors Club

Join us as a member of the Elysée Circle and Ambassadors' Club with a leadership gift of $5,000+ or of $2,500+. The special investment Elysée Circle and Ambassadors' Club members make in the lives of our students is the philanthropic building block of the LFSF. We show our appreciation with a variety of ways such as receptions, cocktails, and access to special events and persons. 

The Department of Advancement goal is to advance the LFSF vision and mission. To this end, it organizes campaigns and special events to raise funds. This page will update you on ways you can support the LFSF with your gifts, your volunteer time, and your advocacy in our community. You can always contact us at