Annual Fund

Together, we provide your children a safe and supportive environment where they can fully direct their minds and hearts to learning and growing. 

This academic year, LFSF has incurred around $1.4M additional charges to open in-person classes and offer virtual alternatives. 

  • $600K Additional staff to supervise small group pods 
  • $350K Additional campus space to accommodate all SF elementary classes
  • $274K Social distancing and health protocols
    •  $189K: Daily disinfection of campuses 
    •  $47K: Renovation of HVAC and purchase of air purifiers
    • $38K: Personal protective equipment 
  • $195K Investment in technology
    • $78K: Laptops for students and faculty
    • $53K: Projectors and TVs (to equip classrooms)
    • $42K: Wifi access points (to reinforce connectivity)
    • $22K: Zoom and other licenses

Parents, faculty and staff, trustees, alumni, grandparents, and friends are asked to donate to the best of their ability to the Annual Fund. No gift is too small, yet, if you can, we invite you to join the Elysée Circle or Ambassadors' Club. 

Thank you in advance.

A strong Annual Fund helps us achieve flexibility we need to provide the best education to our students. This year, the amount raised for the Annual Fund is allocated to keeping our school open and safe in compliance with the government requirements. This would include the purchasing of cleaning supplies and services, PPE, regular Covid testing, remote learning devices, LMS’s, and more. Everyone's participation means we're 100% committed.

Elysée Circle & Ambassadors Club

Join us as a member of the Elysée Circle and Ambassadors Club with a leadership gift of $5,000+ & $1500+ to the Annual Fund, Fund for the Future or Special Gift. Our Elysée Circle and Ambassadors Club members are very important to us and there’s a variety of ways that we show our appreciation for the special investment they make in the lives of our students.

Ambassadors Club Breakfast

Near the beginning of each fall semester we invite club members to an informal breakfast where we offer updates on upcoming campus events and news. It’s also a great time for members to meet each other and the directors of our programs and campuses in an intimate setting

Elysée Circle Dinner

During Spring, Elysée Circle members are invited to dinner hosted by Consul General of France at the Residence of France. It is a privileged moment for Lycée Français de San Francisco directors and the President of the Board of Trustees to thank our donors for their leadership and generosity.

Ambassadors Club Cocktail

Every spring, we host a reception for our Ambassadors Club members. It’s an opportunity for the Advancement Department to report to our major donors the impact their giving has had upon LFSF campus life for the academic year.

Ambassadors Club Special Access

As a perk for being in the Elysée Circle and Ambassadors Club, we occasionally offer special access to some of the notable personalities who visit our campus: philosophers, speakers, musicians, artists, actors. As permitted, we host cocktail events before or after performances, offering an opportunity to meet these special visitors. Because these are small group settings, reservations are required and granted on a first-come first-serve basis.

Other ways to give: 

By mail:

You may mail a check, payable to Lycée Français de San Francisco, to:
Department of Advancement
Lycée Français de San Francisco
1201 Ortega Street
San Francisco, CA 94122

By phone:

Contact Nathalie Hautavoine in the Advancement office, at 415.213.7722

By stock transfer:

If you would like to make a direct transfer of stock to the LFSF, please contact Nathalie Hautavoine at 415.213.7722 for information


Check if your company matches your charitable contributions to educational institutions.  Such matches could double or triple the impact of your gift. Click here and type the name of your company to find out if this an option.


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