Annual Fund

This year, the Annual Fund Campaign will last 100 DAYS from September 12 th
through December 20, 2019.

Through the LFSF Annual Fund, parents and friends of the school offer support with a yearly gift at a level that they are comfortable. These contributions directly support our students through tuition assistance and pedagogical projects. Your gifts provide the needed resources to maintain a rich, inspiring, and diverse learning environment.

A strong Annual Fund helps us achieve the social, social and economic diversity we embrace at LFSF. Everyone's participation means we're 100% committed. This commitment will help us receive potential external funding.

Those who give generously make it possible for the Lycée Français de San Francisco to offer the finest education. These gifts not only benefit the students of today, but also continually ensure LFSF can provide for generations of students to come.

What is the Annual Fund?

Like most reputable private schools in the United States, LFSF runs an Annual Fund campaign. The Annual Fund is the philanthropic building block for all other school fundraising. It serves to inform, involve, and bond a constituency to a school and is supported primarily from donors’ discretionary income. People are encouraged to give gifts at whatever level they feel comfortable. Because it is purely philanthropic in nature, the Annual Fund is considered a true reflection of a community’s passion and support for its school.

What does tuition pay for?

Tuition funds are allocated for immediate expenses such as maintenance, salaries, and other general expenses; thus, those funds don’t allow us to advance future growth. Furthermore, while tuition is non-tax deductible, Annual Fund donations are.

Why Fundraise?

Fundraising is essential for supporting future programming and infrastructure. Annual Fund campaigns can be geared toward current projects and expenses, but they can also serve for the future by preparing an engaged base of donors and volunteers. Instead of accruing additional debt from facility renovation, for example, fundraising can help prevent the tuition from increasing.

What about external fundraising?

The Annual Fund also helps secure support from external funding sources. How? Often, external funding is delivered in the form of “matching” grants. This means that if an external funding source offers a sum of $25,000, for example, the school must be able to fundraise the same amount. Successful Annual Fund campaigns show our external funding sources that the school’s constituents are eager to support and can reliably raise a sum that matches their offer.

WHAT does the Annual Fund support?

Annual Fund Contributions support budgeted programs that directly benefit students. The following programs are included:

Financial Aid 

Artist-in-Residence – An illustrator, writer, sculptor or artist is invited for a week on each campus to interact with students and classes.

Author-in-Residence – An author is invited to spend a week on each campus to interact with students and classes.

Art Week – A common art theme developed for our primary campus that involves collaborative class art projects, culminating in an Art show.

Day and Overnight Field Trip Support – Helps underwrite a portion of the costs for student field trips.


Who makes an Annual Fund successful?

Parents, Grandparents, faculty and staff, alumni parents, alumni and LFSF friends, donating at whatever level they find comfortable, receive full credit for the Annual Fund’s success.

Elysée Circle & Ambassadors Club

Join us as a member of the Elysée Circle and Ambassadors Club with a leadership gift of $5,000+ & $1500+ to the Annual Fund, Fund for the Future or Special Gift. Our Elysée Circle and Ambassadors Club members are very important to us and there’s a variety of ways that we show our appreciation for the special investment they make in the lives of our students.

Ambassadors Club Breakfast

Near the beginning of each fall semester we invite club members to an informal breakfast where we offer updates on upcoming campus events and news. It’s also a great time for members to meet each other and the directors of our programs and campuses in an intimate setting

Elysée Circle Dinner

During Spring, Elysée Circle members are invited to dinner hosted by Consul General of France at the Residence of France. It is a privileged moment for Lycée Français de San Francisco directors and the President of the Board of Trustees to thank our donors for their leadership and generosity.

Ambassadors Club Cocktail

Every spring, we host a reception for our Ambassadors Club members. It’s an opportunity for the Advancement Department to report to our major donors the impact their giving has had upon LFSF campus life for the academic year.

Ambassadors Club Special Access

As a perk for being in the Elysée Circle and Ambassadors Club, we occasionally offer special access to some of the notable personalities who visit our campus: philosophers, speakers, musicians, artists, actors. As permitted, we host cocktail events before or after performances, offering an opportunity to meet these special visitors. Because these are small group settings, reservations are required and granted on a first-come first-serve basis.

Annual Fund Brochure

First page of the PDF file: 100daycard_front_backFinal

Become an Annual Fund Advocate

First page of the PDF file: AnnualFundAdvocatepamphlet_final

How can you give?

Make an online donation

By mail:

You may mail a check, payable to Lycée Français de San Francisco, to:
Department of Advancement
Lycée Français de San Francisco
755 Ashbury Street
San Francisco, CA 94117

By phone:

contact Nathalie Hautavoine in the advancement office, at 415.213.7722

By stock transfer:

If you would like to make a direct transfer of stock to the LFSF, please contact Nathalie Hautavoine at 415.213.7722 for information


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Be an Annual Fund Advocate for Your Class, support the education of your
children and make contact with other parents. Click here to learn more.