Giving Tuesday

Annual Fund fact #1: Supporting Education

60% goes to Financial aid:  last year 121 students are able to continue their education at the LFSF.  With your contribution, we can keep this up and even improve it.

Annual Fund Fact #2: learning experiences outside the classroom

30% of the funds collected via the Annual Fund powers school field trips.  

Last year 110 field trips were organized over the 3 campuses

  • 60 Ashbury,
  • 27 Sausalito, and
  • 23 for Ortega Students. 

Your contribution ensures that our teachers and staff have the means to continue creating learning experiences outside the classroom.

Our goals are $350K and 100% participation. 

As of 11/15/2019, we have raised $150K. 

Parent participation rate is at 24% and Faculty & Staff is at 56%. 

Key Dates: The campaign ends 12/21/2019 but pledges and contribution can be made until June 1, 2020.



10% of the Annual Fund envelop allows LFSF to invite Authors & Artists in Residence and Conference Speakers.  

Last year the children worked with Edouard Manceau and Veronique Deiss both of whom were a huge hit with the children. 

Giving to the Annual Fund will help us organize more memorable conferences on the Ortega campus. Do you remember the visit from Astronaut Steve Smith? Our students do! Thank you!