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Volunteering | Volontariat 2018-2019

Sharing your time and talents is essential to building a thriving community and supporting your child's educational experience. As LFSF parents you are expected to volunteer a minimum of 10 hours per year and per parent.

Donner de votre temps et partager vos talents est primordial pour constituer une communauté solide et soutenir l’éducation de votre enfant. En tant que parent au LFSF, nous comptons sur un minimum de 10 heures de bénévolat par an.

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You still have time to give to the Athlethon. Click below.

The Athlethon

Pre-K through 5th Graders raise funds to improve their playgrounds by seeking donors to sponsor their participation in an “Athlethon”.
The Athlethon is a series of 4 fun activities (sprint and hurdle races, shot put and vortex throws) in which children compete to the best of their abilities.

ASH GOAL: Imagination Playground big blue block sets. Imagination playground blocks give the children the opportunity to play together, to be creative, to cooperate and to grow in a safe environment. Sponsor now >>

SAU GOAL: Picnic tables, benches and shade. Sponsor now >>

Sign-up to run an activity and/or bring fruits

Ashbury volunteer Prek 1-2 >>   Ashbury volunteer K-5 >>   Sausalito volunteer >>


Prior to event: Students find sponsors and share the online link for their campus or use the sponsorship form (ASHSAU). Anyone can donate (LFSF staff should not be solicited). 

Location of the Event: LFSF Sausalito Campus, 9 am to 2 pm

  • Ashbury students K-5 will take a bus to the Sausalito campus
  • Ashbury Pre K 1-2 will remain and compete on the Ashbury campus


  • Children should wear sports attire, hats, and bring sunscreen.
  • Water and light snacks (Brioche) will be provided.
  • Students will be supervised by LFSF teachers and parent volunteers.

Giving Map Ashbury

Giving Map Sausalito