Wine Circle

Wine Circle 2023 on NOV 10 at 6pm

The Wine Circle 2023 is a high-end gastronomy and wine event intended for guests to enjoy a unique epicurean experience as they contribute to the LFSF.  All proceeds will benefit the LFSF Financial Aid Endowment, ensuring that an LFSF education will continue to be available to a socioeconomically diverse and vibrant group of students into the future.

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French-Club-Cercle de L'Union, 414 Mason Street, Suite 801, San Francisco

The third edition of the Wine Circle, will once again be held in one of the most prestigious clubs of San Francisco: the French Club - Cercle de L'Union, which amateurs of wine and gastronomy in-the-know highly appreciate. 

Enjoy the evening by savoring a French 5 course gastronomic dinner cooked by renowned chef Lionel BALBASTRE, and a selection of exceptional wines that will be paired with each meal. 

Our vintners, guests at the table, will present their wine as it is poured. Professional auctioneer, Greg Quiroga, will auction off a carefully curated selection of a few wine lots and experiences. Guests will raise their glasses in toasts and raise their paddles for the LFSF Financial Aid Endowment.

All proceeds will benefit the LFSF Financial Aid Endowment, ensuring that an LFSF education will continue to be available to a socioeconomically diverse and vibrant group of students into the future.

We invite you to purchase tickets and register. Note, seating is limited to 60 and is on a first come, first served bases.


2023 MENU


Gougères, Toast & Jamón, Deviled Quail Eggs

1st Course
Scallops Crudo  
Caviar, Micro-Greens & Lemon- Vinaigrette

2nd Course
House-Made Pasta  
Fresh Linguini with Mushrooms & Mushroom sauce

3rd Course
Filet Rossini  
Filet of Beef, Seared Foie Gras, Truffle Jus

4th Course
Cheese Platter: Comté, Délice du Jura & Epoisses

5th Course
Opera cake


The Debate, Jean Hoefligher


Wines, like people, are a reflection of their origin and evolution. The “roots” of each should be celebrated and embraced with genuine, authentic conversation. In modern society, we are pushed to efficiency, where time is more and more a luxury that people don’t have. Wine is the perfect vehicle to allow us to slow down, enjoy one's surrounding company with thoughtful discussion and embrace the time spent together with a glass of wine.

THE DEBATE began in 2010 with the intention to utilize wine as a social tool, to not only bring people together, but to take the time to learn more about each other, to explore our similarities and differences, and celebrate them.



Belharra Wines, Camille Gaio & Anne Fogerty


Belharra is the name of a legendary surf spot located on the Basque coast off Socoa, France, where storm tides hit an underwater outcropping and cause a rare wave of immense power. Such forces, after a vast journey, create a diverse natural beauty. Our philosophy mirrors the riders of these waves: patiently waiting for opportunities, understanding the contours of each current and practicing the craft with vigilance. 


VSG Chateau Potelle, Jean-Noël Fourmeaux, Owner & Founder

VGS’ moto is “Perfection Without Pretention.” Over the last 35 years, Chateau Potelle has built a solid reputation for its commitment to quality. VGS Chateau Potelle, is known only by those who search for wines that have dimension, subtlety and definitive character. Their assertiveness is all in the layers of nuances, not in the over-ripeness of fruit



Sullivan Rutherford Estate, Juan Pablo Torres Padilla

Nestled in the heart of Napa Valley, Sullivan Rutherford Estate boasts 26 acres of vineyards and lush grounds. Founded in 1972 by Napa Valley wine pioneer James O’Neil Sullivan, Sullivan is a boutique winery acclaimed for producing distinctive Merlot & Cabernet Sauvignon over the last 50 years.


Thomas Fogarty Winery, Tommy Fogarty, Jr.

Dr. Thomas Fogarty began planting vineyards in the Santa Cruz Mountains in 1978. Along with founding winemaker Michael Martella, the winery was established in 1981. Today the Winery is managed by Tom Fogarty Jr. with Nathan Kandler as winegrower. Tom Fogarty Jr. was 10 years old when Chardonnay was first planted on the family's property, and he began helping to install trellis posts in Langley Hill Vineyard. After studying viticulture business in college, he dedicated himself to a decades long career in motorsports before having a family of his own and returning to the winery to run the Fogarty Family business.
Having grown up around wine growing and winemaking, Tom views the estate vineyards as an extension of his family. In his words, I have a brother who was born a little bit before the vineyards, but it basically came right along with all of my siblings. It certainly is the neediest member of the family.


La Cave, Frederick Boelen


Frederick Boelen, owner at La Cave, Director of Business Development at Handwritten wines & Jessup Cellars

Frederick Boelen is the 7th generation wine merchant started in 1883 by George Wheeler in the UK. Growing up in the luxury hospitality industry in Honfleur, France he moved to the US in 2015 and started an extension of his French shops “La Cave” in Napa Valley. Importing and selling exclusive boutique wines direct to consumers.




Camille GAIO & Anne FOGERTY

    Belharra  Syrah Sonoma-Carneros Las Madres,  2016  


Frédérick Boelen

Champagne Guilleminot Pinot Noir

Handwritten Carneros Chardonnay 2021


Juan Pablo Torres-Padilla

J.O. Sullivan Founder’s Reserve Merlot, 2015

J.O. Sullivan Founder’s Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon, 2017


Jean Hoefligher

Sleeping Lady Vineyard Cabernet Franc, 2019


Tommy Fogarty, Jr.

Thomas Fogarty Santa Cruz Mountain Chardonnay, 2019 


Jean-Noël Fourmeaux

VGS Château Potelle Fourmeaux Chardonnay, 2020

VGS 50/50 Cuvée Bordeaux/Napa Red Blend 2021

The evening


6:00 PM  


Hors d’oeuvres and Champagne

7:00 PM 

French 5-course gastronomic dinner with wine pairing. 

Wine Auction

The LFSF Financial Aid Endowment Fund, Paddle Raise


WHEN: FRIDAY, NOV 10, 2023 6 PM 

WHERE: 414 Mason Street, Suite 801 in San Francisco.


The Program and Auction Catalog