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Erick MOREAU was the President of the Lycée Français Board of Directors for 6 years. He passed away in 2021 after a courageous and hard-fought health battle. Erick was kind, generous, thoughtful, and always the first one to reach out and offer a helping hand. He had an infectious laugh, and a heart of gold. His one and only child was the center and joy of his life. Erick also epitomized and channeled the fighter spirit throughout his entire life.

Erick’s life circumstances forced him to become both strong and adaptable at a young age. He was born in Morocco in 1956 When his family moved to France, Erick had to resettle in a country he did not know. After his father passed away tragically, Erick and his brother Gilles were placed in a boarding school. To overcome this brutal separation from his family, Erick read, drew, and learned history. While at boarding school, Erick met a history teacher who helped him hone and develop his many talents. During this period of his life, Erick became aware of his resilience and began to help other residents of the boarding school who were struggling to succeed in their educational endeavors. 

Erick wasn’t just one of the strongest people one would ever have the privilege to meet, he also truly knew how to love and listen to his heart. This explains why it wasn’t out of character for Erick in the least , to fall in love with an American woman and marry her at the tender age of eighteen. This marriage actually brought Erick to the Bay Area since his father-in-law was a professor in Berkeley. A polyglot, lover of life with an innate curiosity about everything, he always considered moving to a brand new place a great opportunity. This was particularly true of a move to the United States - a place he saw as a nation of adventurers and entrepreneurs possessing a uniquely American creativity and positive attitude. Never one to sit back and watch grass grow, Erick dove in and started working hard immediately upon his arrival in America, initially as a diver, then a cook in a restaurant. Eventually, he was able to finance his studies at University of California Berkeley and became an architect. He moved to San Rafael and founded his thriving architecture  practice there.

Though Erick chose to settle down and build a family in his adopted home of California, he always kept strong links with his native French culture, food, and wine (those of us that had the privilege of having him cook a French meal will never forget it). That combined with the fact that Erick never stopped helping children achieve success, is precisely why his involvement with the Lycée Français de San Francisco was quite natural. However, French culture wasn’t Erick’s only love. He was an avid aficionado of jazz and a lifelong supporter of the arts as a whole. He was able to immerse himself in the arts locally by investing time and energy into the Artworks Downtown initiative in San Rafael, and it is incredibly fitting that the theater on the Lycée’s Ortega campus will be renamed and known as the Erick Moreau Theater going forward. 

Erick meant so much to the entire Lycée Français community. Erick was one of the most incredible human beings we have had the honor of knowing and working with. The Lycée Français de San Francisco is the school and community it is today,  thanks to  Erick’s unprecedented commitment, dedication and passion. Erick put others before himself even as he was facing the hardest battle of his entire life. He was elected to the Board and as President in December 2015. Through his calming presence, wisdom and infectious love for the school, he brought the Board and the community together and led us forward. Erick always led as a unifier, builder, problem solver, and mediator. There is nothing he wouldn’t do for this wonderful community. A highlight of his year was signing the diploma of every graduating senior. 

We will miss him tremendously, and will continue to honor his legacy  by living the values he demonstrated and instilled in the community.


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LFSF, the Lycée Français de San Francisco, is an independent international school and the largest French American program in Northern California. With their French and U.S diplomas, our graduates carry the excellence of the education they received and the spirit of openness, curiosity and integrity shaped at LFSF.