Samedi 6 avril 2019-Cinéma français- Les chatouilles

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5 nominations César 2019- Two César award

6 Nominations Cannes Film Festival 2018 "Un certain regard"

Ornano-Valenti Prize- Deauville American Film Festival 2018

Roger Ebert Award - Chicago International Film Festival 2018

Award-Namur International French Language Film Festival 2018 

Young talent Award- Hambourg Film Festival

With the presence of the directors  Andréa Bescond et Eric Métayer- Q&A after the screening

Production company: Les Films du Kiosque
Directors: Andrea Bescond and Eric Metayer
Writers: Andrea Bescond and Eric Metayer (adapted from the play Les chatouilles ou la danse de la colere)
Cast: Andrea Bescond, Karin Viard, Clovis Cornillac, Pierre Deladonchamps, Gregory Montel, Carole Franck, Gringe, Ariane Ascaride, Cyrille Mairesse, Leonie Simaga
Executive producers: Francis Kraus, Denis Pineau-Valencienne

Odette is 8 years old, she likes to paint and laugh. Of course, she trusts adults, why would she be afraid of her parent’s friend? Why would she refuse to play “little tickles” with him? Odette doesn’t say anything, no one would believe her. To be understood, she dances. Odette is now thirty-something. Funny, intense and completely wild. A very promising dancer, but still broken by her lost childhood. Finding the perfect balance between her life and her dances, the horror and the comedy, Odette leads us through her story with her laugh, her supreme elegance and sublime protection. She will fight for her moral reconstruction, reconciliation and, above all, resilience.

Odette a  huit ans quand Gilbert (Pierre Deladonchamps), un homme marié, père de trois enfants, commence son ignoble manège qu’il poursuivra discrètement pendant des années, dans la plus parfaite impunité, profitant de son emprise sur la petite fille et de la crédulité de ses parents (Karin Viard et Clovis Cornillac) dont il est très proche. 

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