LFSF Winter Fair Photo Booth
Winter Fair Vendor

The full list of 2023 Winter Fair vendor will be published shortly. Come back and check this page in a few days!

Winterfair Vendors 2023 - Waffles & Honey Jewelry
Waffles Honey Logo

Each piece is lovingly handcrafted in San Francisco, creatively inspired by sights from around the world, and intentionally designed for dreamers and adventurers. Empowering women to be their most confident selves, making the world a kinder, more beautiful place, and adding a little sparkle into every day is the heart of what we do


Waffles & Honey Jewelry will be selling handmade gemstone, gold and silver jewelry 



Winterfair Vendors 2023 - sipora aguia
Logo Sipora


Sipora Aguia Jewelry is fully customizable jewelry with various options to change colors in all kinds of different pieces. Our brand was created in 2009 by the designer who inspired the name of the brand itself, Sipora Aguia. She quickly found a concept that made it stand out from all other brands. A playful concept with more than 150 available colors, textures, and 6 sphere sizes to mix and match. Each piece is unique, and versatile, changing according to your mood. All of the jewelry is handcrafted in 925 silver or 2-micron gold plated ensuring top quality products. 



Winterfair Vendors 2023 - Simple


Simple is an eco market and refillery located in Cole Valley that sells a variety of sustainable and low-waste items that are healthy for our bodies, our homes, and our planet.


Winterfair Vendors 2023 - AXR Napa Valley
AXR Napa Valley


Introducing our axr gift pack, including a duo of axr ganzin sauvignon blanc 2022 and axr cabernet sauvignon 2021, including a tour and tasting at our historic estate for two people! This unique gift can be sent to friends and loved ones decorated with cheer and a personalized message.


Ground shipping included, $190!



Winterfair Vendors 2023 - Boucler la Boucle


Boucler la Boucle 


Boucler la Boucle means 'to close the loop' and represents the journey coming full circle, as winemaker, Jean Hoefliger, explores the art of olive oil production to complement his dedication to storytelling, wine, and its indelible mark on history.

The Languedoc-Roussillon, where this olive oil is crafted, is a historically rich region in southern France, bringing a touch of French heritage to the Bay Area to enjoy and compliment with wine.

Winterfair Vendors 2023 - Raina Mast Pottery
Raina Mast Pottery


Raina Mast Pottery is going to showcase handmade ceramics made by an SF mom artist. 



Winterfair vendors 2023 - Flea market table

Flea Market table (only for LFSF parents) - Sell your second hand stuff

Winter Fair Vendors 2023 - Peps Aquarel Art Studio

Peps Aquarel logo

Peps Aquarel Art Studio will be selling watercolor paintings and offering gift cards for classes. 



Winterfair Vendors 2023 - Girl Scouts (Ashbury CP)

The Ashbury Girl Scouts from CP will be selling either Hot Cocoa or Brownies.

Buy Treats and Support our Girl Scouts!

Winterfair Vendors 2023 - Braid Bakery
Braid Bakery Logo

Braid Bakery will be selling  Babkas and other baked goods. 



Winterfair Vendors 2023 - Coco Rose

Coco Rose will be selling Holiday Gift Baskets such as: 

Coco Rose


Winterfair Vendors 2022 - Petit Pot

Dig in for a pot de crème so smooth and dreamy, you’ll feel like you’re in a Parisian cafe. Made with a shortlist of organic ingredients and locally sourced dairy, Petit Pot’s organic French dessert is absolument magique!


Winterfair Vendors 2022 - La Cave



Sustainable boutique French wines including Champagne, Burgundy, Rhône, Loire & Bordeaux. La Cave is the only American wine shop based in France, with three locations in Normandy. You won't find our wines anywhere else in the US as we strictly work with small producers. Get some wines for the Holidays or join our wine club to discover French terroir throughout the year in 2023!


Winterfair Vendors 2022 - Picky Monday


Picky Monday is an online shop where you can find unique second-hand clothes, shoes, and accessories for babies and kids (0 to 10 years old). Each Monday, they offer a collection of seasonal outfits made of pre-owned (aka like new) clothes, carefully selected for their style and quality.


Winterfair Vendors 2022 - Les Parisiennes



Secondhand clothes for Women, Kids and Men - Parisian style


Winterfair Vendors 2022 - Atelier Prelude

Timeless apparel with a French flair. Originally from Paris, Atelier Prelude specializes in cashmere goods and fashion accessories.

At Atelier Prélude, we believe in small everyday steps to take big steps towards our future, by creating reusable everyday products.



Winterfair Vendors 2022 - Sew Francisco

Sew Francisco’s trademark is above all handmade items in superior quality fabrics for children and babies. Beautiful products, designed by a mother, combine practicality and trendy style to allow your child to blossom in a delicate and neat world. The baby care products are made in small series with passion and all the love of a mother!

They will sell handmade accessories & decorations for Children


Winterfair Vendors 2022 - Goudy’s French Cuisine

Goudy's French Cuisine dedicate their cooking to showcase the large diversity in the French regional cooking such as Cassoulet, Blanquette de Veau (veal wine and cream stew), Boeuf Bourguignon (wine beef stew), Aligot Saucisse (mash potatoes with fresh cheese with a sausage knife cut meat) or Choucroute (Sauerkraut, sausage, smoke cured pork).

At the winterfair they will sell Sausages, pâtés, sandwiches...


Winterfair Vendors 2022 - Cess'Pottery

Cess' Pottery makes ceramic items.

At the winterfair they will sell pottery (mugs & ornaments)


Winterfair Vendors 2022 - Maison Porcella

Maison Porcella is a French charcuterie that also makes French Specialties such as pâtés, rillettes, and savory pastries (tourtes, feuilletés)

At the Winterfair they will sell charcuterie and croque monsieur, salads, sandwiches